Yang Xiu will post a post revealing why she became stronger.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Veteran actress Yang Xiuhui is famous for her hotness and straightforwardness. Her unpretentious personality is deeply loved by fans. She loves her relatives deeply. She recently revealed that she will be stronger for her family and has attracted 110,000 people's attention.

Yang Xiuhui posted a photo with her family and wrote: "For my family, I will be strong." In the photo, Yang Xiuhui and her family can be seen traveling happily. Her father Asi is sitting in a wheelchair in the center of the picture. It turned out that Yang Xiuhui revealed that his father was in November last year His foot is sick, although he didn't explain the reason, but it made many fans feel very distressed.

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Netizens saw Yang Xiuhui's affectionate post and left messages: "Occasionally, you should be vulnerable, take a break.", "Sister Xiuhui's filial piety is a role model for me to learn from!", "I know the pain of taking care of me!" Yang Xiuhui He also revealed that he will take a proper rest: "I am vulnerable at night." I will not keep struggling.

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