Shen Dongning's creative vocabulary is full of oriental aesthetics, presenting a simple and soft artistic conception as warm and moist as jade.

(Provided by Yingge Ceramics Museum)

[Reporter Weng Yuhuang/New Taipei Report] In the "Taiwan Ceramics Award" of the Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei City, the "Excellence Award" was awarded to ceramic artist Shen Dongning this year in order to recognize those who have devoted themselves to ceramics culture for many years. Low-key and flexible like a hermit, the creative vocabulary is full of oriental aesthetics, presenting a simple and soft artistic conception as gentle as jade.

Its unique pottery style is loved by all pottery lovers.

The Taiwan Ceramics "Excellence Award" was formerly the "Achievement Award". Over the years, the award-winning ceramics giants Yang Yuantai, Fan Zhenjin, Qiu Huantang, Sun Chao, Cai Rongyou, Wang Xiugong, Liu Zhenzhou, Chen Huantang, Xu Yongxu, etc., all set high-quality models for Taiwan's ceramic art culture , Cultivate strong and abundant creative energy masters, and become internationally famous artists.

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Gong Yawen, director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, said that Shen Dongning was born in 1958 and has been engaged in ceramic art creation for about 40 years. After graduating from the Fine Arts Department of Hsinchu Teachers College in 1980, he taught pottery while teaching and learning pottery from Teacher Qiu Huantang, and then resigned from teaching to devote himself to creation. In 1991, he moved to Hsinchu. In Emei County, he built a pottery studio by himself. He is like a hermit in the pottery world, and keeps creating in the quiet countryside.

Shen Dongning advocates a simple, textured and close-to-nature life, reads a lot, and also likes music, architecture and design.

The winner of the "2023 Taiwan Ceramics Award" Excellence Award is Shen Dongning.

(Provided by Yingge Ceramics Museum)

Shen Dongning's works straddle the fields of practicality and creation, transforming ordinary scenery into elegant and tranquil details, exquisite pottery skills, combined with creative symbols such as hollowed-out architectural windows, abstract mountains, and calligraphy, decorated with Ru-glazed celadon with a warm texture like jade , unpretentious and rich in oriental charm, full of long and leisurely feelings, can always lead the viewer to wander in it, which is intriguing.

Shen Dongning's career in pottery was quite smooth, and he soon won numerous awards as he devoted himself to creation. In 1986, he participated in the National Taiwan Museum of History's "The First Ceramic Art Biennale of the Republic of China". The second Gold Medal Award, won the first place in the ceramic art category at the Taipei County Art Exhibition, and was invited by important art institutions to hold several solo exhibitions, and his distinctive works are also collected.

Zhang Qiwen, director of the Ceramic Museum, said that the "Taiwan Ceramic Art Award", the highest hall of Taiwan ceramic art competitions, will be grandly launched at the Ceramic Museum in November this year. At that time, the public is welcome to come and see Shen Dongning's wonderful works that have always been simple, restrained and textured.

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