Martell has handed down the art from generation to generation, and invites consumers to act as "Chief Winemaker for a Day" in person.

(courtesy of Pernod Ricard)

Martell brand ambassador Timothy Lin.

(Provided by Pernod Ricard) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Report from Taipei] Martell, the top French cognac brand with a history of more than 300 years, introduced "Martell" from the oldest top cognac winery in France for the first time this year. Art of Blending "Martell's Art of Blending", cross-ocean unveils the veil of exquisite cognac blending technology of the century, invites consumers to experience the boutique-level "Art of Blending Lab", and serves as "Chief Winemaker for a Day", Taste the "Eau de Vie" which is not available on the market, feel the unique changes of the century-old cognac aged in oak barrels and a single production area, and experience the mystery of the interpretation of the blending process.

Martell unveiled the century-old exquisite cognac blending process.

(courtesy of Pernod Ricard)

Four classic cognacs from Martell.

(Provided by Pernod Ricard) The complex brewing process and ancient exquisite craftsmanship make Martell Cognac known as the artistic crystallization of a long history and rich cultural heritage. Among them, Martell's unique elegant charm comes from countless "Water of Life" transcends the fusion of centuries.

This time, "Martell Art of Blending" brings the most authentic experience of a century-old winery in the Cognac region of France to Taiwan, creating a "Handed down Art of Blending Laboratory" to blend every drop of rare original wine with professional craftsmanship , endowed with the spirit of experimentation and forward-looking innovation at the same time, it is divided into two sessions: "VSOP Blending Experience", selects top barrel-aged flavors brewed at different times, tastes 3 VSOP eaux-de-vie, 1 VSOP blended cognac, 1 VSOP blend, classic Martell Blue Swift, and Martell Noblige, a total of 7 fragrant wines; "XO Blending Top" also tasted 5 wines from a single production area and a single estate Rare "eaux-de-vie" raw wine, 1 XO blended cognac, legendary cognac Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell XO, a total of 8 beautiful and rare wines, let everyone experience the "one day chief winemaker" "Master the top skills of beautiful flavors, and at the same time, everyone can take away a bottle of "Martell Custom Blended Cognac" officially certified by Martell, which is exclusively blended by themselves.

Martell creates a top-notch "handed down art and harmony laboratory" like a boutique.

(courtesy of Pernod Ricard)

"Martell, which has a history of more than 300 years, every drop of eaux-de-vie is hard-won." From the most primitive vineyards, grape growers, distilleries and factory directors, oak barrels and craftsmen, to the final blending process and chief winemaker Master, how to make each gear keep rolling with the times, condensing the graceful flavors inherited over a hundred years, "Martell Art of Blending Martell handed down art" top blending crafts party, in addition to leading everyone to experience the complexity and elegance of the chief winemaker , Balanced and complicated skills, personally experience the infinite possibilities of cognac blending process, follow strict modulation procedures and traditional norms, after the end, you can take home the peerless wine blended by yourself, and get the "Handed down" issued by Martell Artistic Laboratory Winemaker Certificate", which has always been regarded as a mysterious and irreplaceable blending art, reflects Martell's insistence on quality for more than three centuries, and interprets the perfect, elegant, top-notch and beautiful cognac.

In "Martell Art of Blending", you can taste Martell's wines in different regions of the Cognac region and experience the blending process.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

The event will be held from April 20th to May 7th. There will be "VSOP Experience of Harmony" on weekdays & weekends, and "XO Peak of Harmony" on weekends. Please refer to the Accupass registration link for details.

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(Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health)

Martell brand ambassador Timothy Lin taught the blending process step by step.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

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