Rainie Yang was invited to a brand event but could not pronounce the brand name.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang has recently shifted her acting focus to China. Previously, a large number of netizens were dissatisfied because of the "seafood talk", and the incident caused a lot of trouble.

Recently, she attended a catwalk event of a well-known boutique brand. Unexpectedly, she couldn't pronounce the brand name. She pretended to be fine and was criticized by netizens as "impolite".

Netizens made memes of interview videos of Rainie Yang going to fashion shows of boutique brands.

(reposted from IG)

The well-known IG fan special "Half-Tone Wenqing" often shares current affairs topics and makes memes. Recently, she made the interview screen of Rainie Yang invited to watch the catwalk show of the famous brand "Balenciaga" into "hearing friends talking about brands" , trying to add to the topic of ME", if you turn on the sound of the video, you can clearly hear that Rainie Yang can't read "Balenciaga". wrong.

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Netizens were sour that Rainie Yang couldn't pronounce the names of boutique brands.

(reposted from IG)

Netizens saw the video of Rainie Yang being invited to the catwalk but couldn't pronounce the brand name, and they all commented bitterly: "It's impolite to say the wrong name when I go to the show...", "It's very bla, Ba Leng smells like ah ga.", "Shakya, we will understand if we talk about Parisian Shakya", "You can talk to her about Taiwanese seafood.", "Bla can't talk about it, it doesn't matter."

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