Filipino-American actor Paul Montalban and African-American actress Brandi collaborate on a new Disney film.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The casting of Disney live-action movies has subverted the imagination of the outside world in recent years. The upcoming "The Little Mermaid" boldly chooses the African-American actress Halle Bailey to play the protagonist "Ariel"; Anti-"white" image, interpreted by Latino actor Rachel Zegler (Rachel Zegler).

Now the casting of the new film "The Heirs: Rise of Red" has once again aroused heated discussions from the outside world.

Disney recently announced the shooting of the new film "Heirs: Rise of Red" (temporary translation), with Filipino actor Paolo Montalban (Paolo Montalban) and African-American actress Brandy (Brandy Norwood) playing key roles.

The two starred together in "New Cinderella" 25 years ago, and this time they continued to play the role of Prince and Cinderella, making movie fans look forward to the spark between the two.

The Heirs: Rise of Red tells the story of the Queen of Hearts' rebellious daughter Red and Cinderella's perfectionist daughter Chole.

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Brandy and Paulo Montalban (from left) collaborated on "The New Cinderella" in 1997 and are now back together.

(Reposted from Twitter)

The news revealed that many movie fans were surprised, and many of them questioned, "The prince became Asian, and Cinderella is black?" Senior movie fans slapped their faces, "Do you know that they acted in the original movie 25 years ago?" Everyone They also praised Disney for going ahead.

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