Passed in Google interview but failed in tenant interview

Finding a new home in a new city where you have just arrived and are brand new is a challenging endeavor, and especially if the city is the Silicon Valley of India, home to many people just like you. are looking for, it becomes even more difficult.

Outsiders usually face difficulties while searching for a home in the Indian IT hub of Bengaluru as they have to go through several steps like bargaining with the dealer, packing, moving etc.

Due to high demand, landlords often interview potential tenants, and these interviews can sometimes be more difficult than Google interviews.

A Google employee from Bangalore recently posted a similar experience on LinkedIn, noting that it took some effort to improve his ability to pass tenant interviews.

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Ripu Daman Bhadoria wrote, "I was shocked to fail miserably in my first hirer interview. It was a wake-up moment for me as I realized that interviews are tougher than Google. "

Bhadoria further wrote, "As I try to introspect and improve every time I fail, I directly asked the landlord for feedback on my interview performance and if there were any red flags, HR or the recruiter followed up with the interview results." Together will not reach me in this matter."

Talking about preparing for the next interview, Bhadauria wrote, "The landlord was transparent in sharing feedback that he believed I would be likely to buy a home, given that I work for Google." . I never thought working at Google could be so damaging."

After preparation and guidance from the feedback of the landlords, Bhadauria was able to clear the interview.

Offering his expertise in this specific task, he wrote to his contacts on LinkedIn that they could feel free to reach out to him.

"However, I have successfully completed the next tenant interview. Feel free to contact me for tenant interview experiences."