[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Caizi was interviewed today to promote public welfare activities. She has experienced emotional storms and low tides for 2 years. At the age of 24, she decided to start again and return to the showbiz. The interview admitted that she loves a boyfriend outside the circle who has a stable relationship Mr. Zhong is a very important companion and presence.

Caizi (left) lost contact with Qiu Fengze after two years of low tide.

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Caizi Shenyin stayed in her hometown in Kaohsiung for 22 months. During this period, she said: "There was a lot of pressure, and then I used my own way to relieve the pressure, trying sports and outdoor activities that I had never tried before, such as diving and mountain climbing. "I mentioned that my material desire is very low, and I don't have a lot of expenses in life.

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Caizi admitted frankly in an interview that she has no contact with Qiu Fengze and He Mengyuan, including the star friends who previously recorded "Yubai" and "Werewolf Killing" together. She said that she will have no regrets, "Everyone will have their own choices It’s about being yourself and living your own life.”

As for the future, will it be embarrassing if you meet Doudou on the show?

She replied: "No, because everyone is in the workplace, and they are all very professional entertainers."

Cai Zi came back to be interviewed for public welfare activities, and took a promotional photo with her dog Pai Daxing.

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Caizi was interviewed by Dafang and confessed his love, and there is also a stable partner Mr. Zhong around him, "We were originally friends, but we walked together naturally. He didn't pay attention to those things (referring to the news) in the first place. He cared more about me. I like the feeling of getting along with each other for real." The other party also hoped that her comeback would not be stressful, let alone affect her health.

When asked, do you still believe in love?

Cai Zi said: "Everyone faces pain in a different way. Some people no longer believe in love. For me, the other party is companionship and support. I feel relaxed and at ease with him." Thanks to her boyfriend for his company.

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