[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Caizi is back!

In April of the previous year, she and He Mengyuan had a "double-split" scandal, which made her boss and boyfriend Qiu Fengze heartbroken. After two years of fading out of the showbiz, she made her first interview today to share her current situation. She admitted that she was "not mature enough" before .

Regarding the previous relationship turmoil, Caizi responded: "For me, work and relationship hope are separated. I am not mature enough emotionally, so I am constantly introspecting myself." At present, Qiu Fengze and He Mengyuan are both No contact.

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Cai Zi faded out of the showbiz for two years, and today she made her first appearance for an interview.

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Caizi has been living with her family in her hometown in Kaohsiung for the past two years. After the incident, she experienced a low ebb. She said: "I have experienced the lowest ebb in my life. I am very grateful to the friends around me who continue to encourage me. I For a while, I felt that I was not worthy of being in this world." He confessed that he was "overwhelmed" at one time, and developed symptoms such as anorexia and insomnia. He cried almost every night. The highest record was 5 days without food, and he did not have menstruation for 4 or 5 months.

When asked why he decided to come back?

Caizi admitted that it was all for the fans, she said: "Because of the fans' support, they kept reminding me of the promise that I would accompany them until they were 80 years old. Many fans left messages of encouragement. I saw them all, but I couldn't reply. I was afraid they would be attacked."

Caizi talked eloquently during the interview, but when she heard the name of her ex-boyfriend Qiu Fengze, she immediately turned to her manager for help, not daring to respond.

It is understood that Caizi's contract with her former employer did not expire until August last year. Later, Caizi received a letter from the company's lawyer stating that she could not mention the word "Qiu Fengze" in public, otherwise She will be sued.

Regarding this, Cai Zi said in a low-key way: "It was just a way for us to send messages to each other, because we have not contacted each other in private, it was just that the other party informed me of a position."

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