Zhang Jicong (left) and Yuan Lilin played two ordinary citizens struggling in the predicament of the epidemic in "A Dust on the Narrow Road", and both were shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award.

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[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei Report] The Hong Kong film "Dust on the Narrow Road", which was shortlisted for three awards including Best Actor and Actor at the Golden Horse Awards last year, finally won the Golden Horse Award for Best Original Music Film. 10 awards including best film, director, screenwriter, leading actor and actress, will be officially announced in mid-April, and Taiwan will also be officially released on April 27.

"Dust on a Narrow Road" was shortlisted for 3 Golden Horse Awards last year, and won Best Original Film Score in the end.

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The film is co-starred by Zhang Jicong and Yuan Lilin, who are shortlisted for the best actor. There is a love that seems like nothing, and a family relationship that is bloodless but closely interdependent.

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Director Lin Sen has paid attention to social issues for many years. In 2021, he co-directed "Youth" with the theme of anti-extraditionism with Ren Xia and was shortlisted for the Best New Director of the Golden Horse Awards. The dismantling of the title is to say "on the difficult "narrow road", at least there are "fine dust" to accompany you." The leading poster of the Taiwan version also specifically highlights the street scene of Hong Kong at closing time. The three seem small but cuddle hand in hand Walking through the rough road, meeting on the narrow road, and becoming each other's ray of light in the world.

The leading poster of the Taiwanese version of "A Dust on a Narrow Road".

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The film not only captures the depression in Hong Kong under the epidemic, but also presents the daily life of people who are separated from life and death. The sudden changes in Zhang Jicong's life in the film are Lin Sen's personal experience.

When he was writing the script, his father passed away due to illness, and the last side was still separated by glass.

He put this feeling into the movie, but the scene hurt. Fortunately, Zhang Kaicong saw his sentimentality and went up to hug him.

Lin Sen expressed emotionally: "Looking at the scenes I have experienced, I suddenly felt a lot of feelings. I expressed my emotions at the time and I was relieved. Ah Chung (Zhang Jicong) knew about me, everyone hugged me, and there was comfort." The movie has become his self-healing process, and he hopes that the audience can feel this tiny power after watching it.

"Dust on a Narrow Road" will be released in Taiwan on April 27.

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