[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] After the golden song, Zhu Haijun was originally scheduled to collaborate with Peng Chacha and Xu Xiaoshun in the musical "The In-Laws Next Door" in May. Unexpectedly, the cast was temporarily changed. On the 21st, the troupe pointed out that it was because of Zhu Haijun's agent. The price has increased by 4 times, and finally chose to change roles due to budget considerations, but this statement made Zhu Haijun quite angry, accusing the troupe of not having details at all, how could the price increase be said, for this, the troupe formally apologized to Zhu Haijun today.

Zhu Haijun.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

The incident has been going on for several days. Yang Zhongheng, director of the troupe, publicly apologized to Zhu Haijun and his wife through the troupe's Facebook earlier, "After the internal review and introspection of the troupe, the negotiating process and handling methods were indeed not rigorous enough, and the work was not well done. acting and causing troubles on all fronts.”

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Yang Zhongheng said that he deeply regrets that he cannot cooperate, and hopes that the misunderstanding can be resolved. He also welcomes Zhu Haijun to perform the stage play again, and the troupe will use this incident as a reference to conduct a deep review.

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