A TOTAL of 5,000 trees will be planted in the Msimbazi River in Dar es Salaam for five days as a measure to deal with climate change for environmental protection.

The Communications Manager of the World Wildlife and Environment Fund (WWF), Joan Itanisa has said that they have introduced a new campaign to give 60 minutes for environmental conservation, where they encourage people to spend at least 60 minutes for one year and invest in environmental conservation.

He has said that in order to make the campaigns successful, they have planned for Saturday March 25, 2023, they will be in the area of ​​Pugu Mnadani, which is the source of the Msimbazi river.

"We will be there to clean up, but we will also plant 5,000 trees in one week from March 25, 2023, but we also encourage people who cannot do anything where they are to do something within 60 minutes for the environment, such as planting trees, educating people, cleaning and other things, to encourage the preservation of the environment," he emphasized.

He has noted that the campaigns for planting trees, cleaning, encouraging better use of land will continue in all cities, where WWF offices are also located in Arusha, Iringa, Masasi, Bunda, Kilwa and Mafia.

"We are collaborating with TBL in the Msimbazi River valley when we plant, we plant with community members and they have ownership, for example in Pugu there are youth groups and they will manage to ensure that the trees are protected and grow

"They will have the responsibility of watering and also the forest authorities, we cooperate with them and in every place we check the type of trees and the nature of the area. We have experts and there are also TFS experts," he said.

On his part, the Resident Director of WWF, Dr. Amani Ngusaru has said that they want all people to participate in environmental conservation and that every Tanzanian should set aside an hour with his family, to help the world that is limping.

He has explained that climate change has the ability to change many things in the world, if there are periods like spring and summer, drought and the sea and the sky are very important things.