Neurosurgeon Li Hanzhong said that if a patient with neuroma has café-au-lait spots or abnormal lumps on his skin, he should receive treatment as soon as possible; the area in the circle is a neurofibroma.

(Provided by Chang'an Hospital)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] 32-year-old Mr. Chen suffered from neurofibromatosis syndrome when he was in his teens. He was prone to neuroma syndrome, but he did not follow up regularly. Recently, he went to the doctor and underwent surgery because of the severe pain caused by the right neuroma compressing the nerve. Five neuromas on the right side were removed, but the pathology report showed that the neuromas had become cancerous. Three months later, Mr. Chen underwent another operation to remove all the neuromas on the left side, and then arranged chemotherapy for follow-up treatment.

Li Hanzhong, vice president of neurosurgery at Chang'an Hospital, said that neurofibroma is a congenital neurological disease with abnormal chromosomal abnormalities.

Most neuromas are benign, and less than one in ten thousand will become cancerous. Unless the nerve is compressed, there are usually no symptoms.

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Li Hanzhong explained that computer tomography showed that there were huge neuromas on the left and right sides of the patient's abdomen, at least 5 centimeters in length.

One of the right neuromas was located deep in the retroperitoneal cavity, which compressed the nerves and caused pain in the thigh and groin.

Therefore, in cooperation with urologist Huang Weixuan, 5 neuromas on the right side were removed and sent for examination. The pain improved after the operation and the patient was discharged 1 week later.

Unexpectedly, the pathology report later received showed that the neuroma had become malignant and cancerous, and there were still 3 neuromas on the left side of the patient, so another operation was performed 3 months later, and it was found that one of them was too large to invade the motor nerve, so the nerve had to be amputated to ensure The tumor was completely resected.

After the operation, the patient's right foot was slightly weak, but after 2 to 3 days of recovery, he was able to walk slowly, and chemotherapy treatment will be arranged again.

Li Hanzhong reminded that neuroma is a congenital hereditary disease. If coffee-milk spots appear on the skin, and the number becomes larger and larger, or there are abnormal masses, they should receive treatment as soon as possible.

If you have been diagnosed with neuroma, you should receive regular checkups to monitor the development of the disease.

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