The ChatGPT survey affects 19% of Americans' jobs.


Since the launch of the ChatGPT chatbot, the discussion of "XX's job loss" has never stopped, causing many people to worry about whether their jobs will really be replaced by AI. OpenAI, which belongs to ChatGPT, actually conducted a survey to reveal the answer.

OpenAI's latest report on more than 1,000 occupations in the United States shows that ChatGPT may have a huge impact on 19% of jobs.

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Researchers estimate that ChatGPT and software tools created using this AI program in the future may affect at least 50% of the business required for about 19% of jobs in the United States; at least 10% of the work tasks of 80% of the U.S. workforce will also be affected by ChatGPT to some extent. It is obvious that the influence of the GPT-4 large language model is ubiquitous.

As for which jobs bear the brunt?

Jobs including writers, lyricists, mathematicians, tax preparers, interpreters, translators, blockchain engineers, accountants, auditors, and journalists are all included. Compared with labor-based industries, such as the food industry, The catering industry, etc., can be relatively relieved; this means that the higher the income, the greater the impact of the job.

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