Investigation of crimes against peace and humanity, war, terrorism and other crimes committed against the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, giving them a legal assessment, identifying the persons who participated in the organization and commission of those crimes and bringing them to criminal responsibility according to the current legislation, as well as gross violations of international law In order to raise relevant petitions before the related international organizations, on December 18, 2003, a joint investigative-operational group was established by the joint order of the Prosecutor General, Ministers of Internal Affairs and National Security.

From May 5, 2005, the investigation of that criminal case was transferred to the preliminary investigation by the Deputy Prosecutor General, Military Prosecutor,

He was assigned to the Military Prosecutor's Office by being assigned to Justice Lieutenant General Khanlar Valiyev.

After the criminal case was initiated at the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Republic, a new investigative-operational plan was drawn up, unlike previous years, the preliminary investigation of the case was based on the single investigative-operational plan of the criminal case, based on the international agreements, international legal norms that our country is a supporter of, as well as the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Criminal The procedure was carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the Code and on the merits of each of the criminal incidents that occurred.

APA reports that Firad Aliyev, senior assistant of the military prosecutor, head of the press service of the Military Prosecutor's Office, said this.

According to the information, the investigation materials and the Baganis-Ayrim genocide episode proved that on March 24, 1990 around 8:00 a.m., to kill the members of the group in order to completely or partially destroy the Azerbaijanis as a national group, as well as international legal norms and Azerbaijan Illegal Armenian armed groups attacked Baganis-Ayrim village of Gazakh district from the territory of Armenia in order to evict the villagers from their permanent residence without the grounds established by the law, to raid the Azerbaijani population, their houses, administrative institutions and organizations and to commit other crimes against the Azerbaijanis. entered the village with a variety of military equipment, combat and special-purpose vehicles from different directions, from large-caliber firearms, machine guns, automatic weapons,fired grenades intensively at the population, i.e. peaceful villagers, on the streets and in their houses.

He added that as a result, 10 people, including three women and one 39-day-old baby, were brutally murdered with unimaginable torture, and two people were injured in various degrees.

At the same time, 12 residential houses were looted and burned, as well as 438 villagers were forcibly evicted from their legal residences without grounds established by international legal norms and the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It was noted that during the investigation of the criminal case, 18 persons, who were proven to have committed crimes against peace and humanity specifically in the Baganis-Ayrim genocide episode, were charged with Article 103 (Genocide) and Article 107 (Deportation or forced transfer of the population) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. decisions have been made on involving them as accused persons.

According to the court decisions, preventive measures of arrest were chosen for those persons, and documents were sent to the National Bureau of Interpol in Azerbaijan and the General Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan to ensure their search.

At present, comprehensive investigative and operational measures are being continued in this direction.