Zhang Fei rarely showed up and said that all of her fund bonds were cleared.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] 71-year-old Zhang Fei supported his friend Shen Wencheng to sing. He appeared on the platform of the press conference today. It is a rare interview. He is good at investing. Investments, funds and bonds should be cleared as much as possible, and I have already cleared them all.”

As a big stock holder, Zhang Fei, who hosted Hon Hai Wei Ya in 2019, claimed to own 1,000 Hon Hai stocks. At that time, the interviewee said confidently: "I entered the market from 60 yuan, and I thought it would rise again at 120 yuan in the middle. I haven't let it go. , it turned out to be 70 yuan, and there are still thousands of Hon Hai shares, and the market value is estimated to be as high as NT$70 million.

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71-year-old Zhang Fei (left) supported her friend Shen Wencheng to sing.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Zhang Fei used to make a lot of money by relying on stocks, but today in the interview, she said in a low-key manner that this wave of fund bonds was sold out too slowly, and she accidentally lost 20%. It’s a drop in the bucket!” Zhang Fei then continued, “It’s a drop in the bucket!” The audience burst into laughter.

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