Molly Lingxi exposed her appearance during the illness, saying that she lost weight, but the proud Shuangfeng did not lose weight, which is very eye-catching.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Molly Lingxi, a 16-character non-party member with a name of up to 16 characters, "the color does not distinguish between blue and green support zone color Tian Shenjie", e-sports live broadcast host Molly Lingxi, was elected as a member of the Xinke Councilor of Chiayi City last year. Councilor" title.

She posted yesterday that she had gastroenteritis and hadn't recovered in 6 days. At the same time, she posted a photo of her sick appearance, claiming that she had lost a lot of weight, but the photo was extremely fierce, and the northern and southern hemispheres exploded together.

Recently, it is the season of norovirus outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that the number of hospital visits for diarrhea in a single week has reached 165,000 recently, a record high in the past three years. Notice.

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Molly Lingxi posted a photo of her sick face, she thought she looked haggard.

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Molly Lingxi also won the bid. She wrote that besides her, there are 3 friends around her who suffer from gastroenteritis, "A warm reminder to everyone, remember to wash your hands frequently and avoid raw food, so that you won't be sick for 6 days like me. In particular, she posted photos of her unrecovered sickness. In the photos, she was obviously thinner. She was wearing a hot black tights, not only showing a small waist, but the real bright spot was on her chest. She was supported by a short bow tie. The headlights of the giant car, the bow tie pops out from the upper and lower northern and southern hemispheres, and the medical conditions are too dangerous.

A netizen left a message saying "It's really...really...really fragrant", and Molly Lingxi replied "Because I lost weight". She also explained that in addition to gastroenteritis, she also had urticaria, which was very hard.

Netizens commented, "Auntie lost weight", "Knows how to wear", "Dangerous clothes", "That's norovirus", "I can only eat toast for 6 days", "The congressmen always have different pictures and texts" , "I'm afraid this knot will explode", "It's good that my body hasn't shrunk", "Are you sure you caught a cold because of wearing too little?", "World Peace", "The gastroenteritis body has improved after the end of middle school", "The northern and southern hemispheres are connected Connected", "true murderer".

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