Zhuang Renxiang pointed out that 20 of the 40 deaths announced today did not even receive a single dose of the vaccine, which translates to 18.5 times the death rate of those infected with three doses of the vaccine.

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[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Report from Taipei] The domestic Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic has slowed down, and people have gradually taken off their masks, but there are still dozens of deaths every day. The Central Epidemic Command Center admitted frankly that the death The rate of decline has been relatively slow. Of the 40 deaths announced today, 20 of them did not even get a dose of vaccine. The conversion of unvaccinated deaths is 18.5 times that of those who received three doses of vaccines. The public is urged to get vaccinated quickly and get vaccinated next year. Details of the plan are expected to be further discussed in the third quarter of this year.

Wang Bisheng, commander of the command center, said that there were 59,690 new local cases last week, a decrease of 7.5% from the previous week. Since April last year, there have been three waves of epidemics, with each wave smaller than the last wave, and the number has reached the lowest low point, but the rate of death decline is relatively slow, and the status of each case will be reviewed again. In the future, the monitoring of this land will not stop and will continue to be updated.

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Zhuang Renxiang, head of the community epidemic prevention team of the command center, pointed out that since the launch of the "vaccine plus one, unblocking peace of mind" campaign on March 6, as of the 22nd, a total of about 322,000 COVID-19 vaccines have been vaccinated, of which the Moderna double price About 278,000 person-times of the BA.5 next-generation vaccine and about 25,000 person-times received the basic dose; from January 1 to March 22 this year, about 1.826 million person-times of the BA.5 next-generation vaccine were received by Chinese people over the age of 6.

According to Zhuang Renxiang's analysis, if we take the 40 new deaths announced today as an example, 20 of them did not even receive a dose of vaccine, 2 received one dose, 4 received two doses, and 14 received three doses. Deaths from the vaccine were 18.5 times higher than those from three doses of the vaccine.

Wang Bisheng pointed out that when the epidemic slows down, it is very difficult to ask the public to get vaccinated, but what is better is that 25,000 people came to get the basic dose during this wave of activities, representing the ethnic groups that have not been vaccinated before. This is quite gratifying Local governments, as for other ethnic groups, are still focusing on high-risk subjects, reminding many people that the time since the last infection or vaccination is getting longer and longer, immunity to COVID-19 has been declining, and they should get vaccinated quickly.

As for the purchase of 15 million doses of vaccines from Moderna this year, will it be inexhaustible?

Wang Bisheng explained that it is now March, and there is still a long period of time before the end of the year. He will look at the status of inoculation again, and we have a tacit agreement with the other party on delivery. We will discuss how to proceed later. As for the details of next year's vaccination, because the disease is still ongoing During the transformation, the model needs to be observed again, and it is expected to discuss related issues in the third quarter of this year.

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