Zhao Kun, the lead singer of the South Korean band 9001, accidentally caught the fleeing zebra.

(Synthetic photo; flipped from IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] It was reported today that "East African Baboons" escaped in the community in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City, which triggered a baboon crisis. Unexpectedly, there are also reports of animals fleeing in South Korea today!

According to Korean media reports, around 2:50 pm local time on the 23rd in Seoul Children's Grand Park, a zebra fled after destroying the wooden deck around the cage. It was accidentally caught by Zhao Kun, the lead singer of the band 9001, and uploaded to the community afterwards. , which aroused the attention of netizens in Taiwan and South Korea.

The escaping zebra first entered the road near Achasan Subway Station, and was still shopping in the residential area of ​​Ziyang-dong (자양동), until it was rescued safely at 5:50 pm. A related person from the Children's Grand Park said that "the zebra was not injured" and "the veterinarians are working on it." Observe the health status", and there were no casualties and property damage.

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The zebra was caught in the traffic.

(reposted from IG)

Zhao Kun, the lead singer of the band 9001, uploaded a photo of the zebra to the limited-time feed. In the picture, the zebra was caught in the car formation, and he wrote on the side, "Friends of the residents, I heard that the zebra escaped this time. After shooting the tranquilizer gun, go home." Yes, hahahahahaha."

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