Yang Fujiang (left) revealed his true feelings in the face of the sudden death of her husband Fukuchi Yusuke (left) in "Dark Light".

(Provided by Hakka TV Station)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Taiwanese-Vietnamese mixed-race actress Yang Fujiang was shortlisted for the Golden Bell Most Potential Newcomer Award last year with PTV's life drama "Sisters". Foreign spouses who are free in love, although the character Chunru is free in love, but like ordinary Taiwanese women, entering a marriage is entering into a family, and three generations live together to run a Chinese breakfast restaurant.

Among the limited roles played by Yang Fujiang, the biggest challenge for her in "Twilight in the Dark Night" is the interpretation of marriage and getting along with family wives and sisters.

Yang Fujiang said that after Vietnamese girls get married, they will enter the man’s family life just like in Taiwan. After she took on the role as an unmarried girl, she spent a lot of time doing homework. The biggest advisory group is her relatives and friends around her. “I will always chat with my mother. , such as the idea of ​​having children, how to get along with husband and in-laws; I also discuss mother-in-law and daughter-in-law issues, sister-in-law issues, etc. with aunts and sisters.” I believe that with marriage and children, even the way of speaking will be different. Record it, hoping to interpret Chunru's state of mind appropriately.

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Yang Fujiang (right) loves Taiwanese egg cakes the most, and this time he also fell in love with traditional radish cakes because of the drama.

(Provided by Hakka TV Station)

Different from the mini-series performance, Yang Fujiang's role in "Dark Light" is more three-dimensional and comprehensive, from falling in love, getting married, having children, to the sudden death of her husband, and finally taking over the business of the breakfast restaurant with her sister-in-law.

She remembered that she happily went back to Vietnam for the Chinese New Year before filming, and she cried from beginning to end when she joined the crew, "Chunru is too sad. I am very grateful to my husband Lizzie (played by Fukuji Yusuke) in the play. They are very concerned about my state, even after his film is finished, so it is really natural to film the crying scene, and I really regard him as a family member and a companion in my heart."

Although playing the role of a Vietnamese spouse, because he married into a family that runs a traditional breakfast shop, Yang Fujiang devoted himself to learning Hakka breakfast before joining the crew. Crispy egg cakes, old-fashioned egg cakes, rice balls, radish cakes and other courses, the variety of items dazzled her. It was the first time she made so many meals by herself. She once said that she liked Taiwanese egg cakes the most, but because of filming Also fell in love with the traditional carrot cake.

Yang Fujiang (right) plays husband and wife with Fukuji Yusuke in "Dark Night".

(Provided by Hakka TV Station)

Asked about the difference between Taiwanese breakfast and Vietnamese breakfast, Yang Fujiang said: "Vietnamese breakfast is mainly rice with soup or noodles. Vietnamese breakfast is full of food; while Taiwanese breakfast has Chinese and Western styles, mostly with drinks. There are really many choices. .”

"Light in the Dark Night" tells the family story of the three generations of the Xu family who run the breakfast shop. There are gentle warmth and a touch of regret. In the repeated time and space that Lao Xu (played by Liang Xiushen) gradually lost his mind, the family entangled in misunderstandings Slowly coming to the surface….

"Dark Light" is performed by actors Liang Xiushen, Zhu Luhao, Liang Zhengqun, "Axi" Lin Yupin, Cai Jinyan, Wu Yirong, Fang Dawei, Fukuchi Yusuke, Yang Fujiang, Wu Zhengdi, Chen Tingxuan, Jiang Yu, every Monday to Thursday from April 12 It will be broadcast on Hakka TV at 10 p.m.

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