Actress Xu Jiarong.

(Provided by Chen Xiaozhi)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Sexy female artist Xu Jiarong married Li Yuankai, the son of a famous doctor 14 years ago, and gave birth to a daughter. She lived the life of a lady who was misunderstood by the outside world until it was reported that she was about to be divorced. Shen Hongren, a fortune teller, said, Judging from their husband and wife palace, this marriage is very difficult to keep.

Shen Hongren said that not only the woman's husband and wife palace has signs of divorce, but also the man who is 53 years old, judging from his fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, there are also signs of divorce.

Judging from his name, Li Yuankai was born in a family with ancestral shadows. He is fast and accurate in financial management, has strong ability and many ideas.

Once such people make up their minds, it is difficult to change their minds.

Usually people with this personality are polite to others outside, but they just pull a face at home, which is hard to please.

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Judging from the fleeting fortune, the Year of the Tiger last year was a year of great changes for Xu Jiarong, and there were serious problems in the marriage palace, showing signs of divorce.

This year in the Year of the Rabbit, she starts to have bad luck, and she may be involved in lawsuits, and may even be at risk of losing her reputation.

She is 52 years old this year, if there is no accident, the divorce will be implemented.

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