The doctor said that if you want to reduce swelling after artificial joint surgery, you can wear elastic stockings to pressurize the calf and thigh to promote blood return; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Whether it is artificial knee joint surgery or artificial hip joint surgery, swelling of the lower limbs after surgery is very common.

Dai Dawei, secretary-general of the Osteoporosis Society of the Republic of China and attending physician of orthopedics at Chengda Hospital, said that in terms of artificial joint surgery, it will be swollen within 6 days after the operation, and it will swell as long as you get out of bed within 6 weeks after the operation. , The swelling will not completely disappear until about 6 months. It can be used to raise the lower limbs, apply cold compresses, ankle pump exercises, wear elastic stockings, anti-inflammatory painkillers, and physical therapy to make the limbs less tense after surgery.

Dai Dawei explained on his Facebook page "Dr. Dai Dai in Orthopedics" and his personal webpage that the limbs after surgery enter the repair period, and there will be a moderate inflammatory response at the beginning, which will bring growth factors to start the repair.

At this time, the blood vessels will expand and the interstitial fluid will increase, which is the reason for swelling.

However, if the skin of the entire calf or lower limbs is swollen and shiny, and even the part that is not operated on is painful (such as the calf pain when pinched), then you need to worry about whether the blood clot is caused by poor blood circulation, and you need to return to the doctor; or the wound The condition deteriorated, and it became more red and swollen than when it was discharged from the hospital, and even oozing pus, which may be a sign of infection, and it is necessary to return to the clinic for treatment as soon as possible.

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6 ways to reduce swelling after artificial joint surgery

●Elevate the lower limbs:

Elevate the swollen lower limbs when resting, so that they can be raised higher than the heart and promote blood return.

At least don't hang your feet to the ground when you are sitting. You can take a small stool so that your calves can lie flat.

●Cold compress:

After the activity, you can use a cool cold compress bag to compress the swollen lower limbs for about 15-20 minutes.

Be careful not to use very cold ice cubes for the ice compress. If it is too cold, once the ice pack is removed, the blood vessels will expand reactively, and the skin will become red and more swollen than before.

●Ankle pump exercise:

Do as many times as you can, the number of times is not limited, the feet are repeatedly turned up and down, and the contraction of the calf muscles can promote blood return, which can effectively achieve the purpose of reducing swelling and avoiding blood clots.

●Wear elastic stockings:

There are some medical-grade elastic stockings suitable for wearing after lower extremity surgery. Wearing elastic stockings can pressurize the calf and thigh, which can promote blood return.

●Anti-inflammatory painkillers:

Physicians usually prescribe anti-inflammatory painkillers or anti-swelling drugs to relieve discomfort after surgery.

If patients who cannot use anti-inflammatory drugs due to allergies, gastric ulcers, kidney disease and other reasons, they must be mentally prepared that they may be swollen for a long time.

●Physical therapy:

You can find a professional physical therapist for physical therapy, such as lymphatic drainage and soft tissue loosening, which can help reduce swelling.

Dai Dawei reminded that if you are not sure whether the postoperative swelling is within a reasonable range or whether you need to deal with it, you must seek the advice of a professional medical professional.

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