In 2006, Xu Jiarong played the role of Wang Yiren, a former anchor of TVBS, and was suspected of disappearing from the filming of Qiao Nai, and became popular overnight.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Sexy photo actress Xu Jiarong used to have the title of "Qiao Milk Master". In 2009, she married AL Li, the son of a famous doctor, and gave birth to a daughter. She gradually faded out of the entertainment industry. Recently, she has been actively exposing selfie videos through Facebook , seems to have signs of a comeback, but today (22) the red light of marriage was exploded.

Xu Jiarong has been married for 14 years and her marriage has run into trouble. The relationship between the husband and wife seems to be divorced. Her husband has even sent a lawyer's letter to ask for a divorce. It is rumored that his father-in-law said that the matter is not that serious. The judge still loves his daughter-in-law Xu Jiarong. Her marriage seems to have room for improvement.

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In April 2006, Xu Jiarong played the role of former TVBS anchor Wang Yiren Qiao Nai on the "Freedom Entertainment Channel". Because Wang Yiren was followed by the media at the time, Xu Jiarong tried to figure out and rehearse the scenes of Wang Yiren being followed one by one with a professional attitude, especially the A-level Qiao The milk action, Xu Jiarong's lifelike performance is very dedicated, which left a deep impression on a large number of fans, and also made her named "Joe's milk expert", and became popular overnight.

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