Huang Zijiao's prediction hit the mark.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] "Sandy" Wu Shanru was happy on the 21st. She gave birth to her son "Mason Primary One" safely. She fished out rows of baskets to congratulate her, breaking 150,000 votes.

Among them, Huang Zijiao left a message and posted an article saying that in the early morning of the 21st, he dreamed that Sandy's water broke and sent a message to her. Unexpectedly, he predicted success and called "magic".

Huang Zijiao said that he was concerned about Sandy's pregnancy at the beginning of this month, and chatted about his views on constellations. In the early morning of the 21st, he even dreamed that on a certain occasion, Sandy broke his water right in front of his eyes.

After he woke up, he thought about whether it was meaningful, and half-dream and half-awake sent a message to Sandy with three sentences: "I dreamed of breaking the water, hahaha, blessings and looking forward to Aries."

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Wu Shanru reported happiness on the 21st and gave birth to her son safely.

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Sandy is not a person who responds very quickly. He hasn't read the message all day. Unexpectedly, when he swiped on Facebook last night, Sandy really gave birth on the 21st. He called out "surprised, exaggerated", and his prediction hit the mark , "Scared me to death! Could it be that she really broke her water at three o'clock in the morning."

Huang Haoping saw Huang Zijiao's dream and said "Huang is amazing", Huang Zijiao also said "I will tell you when I dream about your big event", Huang Haoping replied "Could it be possible to predict the future wife?" Netizens also left messages "I have a good heart", "Can I dream that I won the lottery", "It's amazing! Corn is getting married directly".

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