World Water Day 2023: World Water Day is associated with the importance of water. 

World Water Day 2023:

Every year on 22 March, World Water Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of water and to make people aware of it.

It is organized by UN-Water and its members and partners, including the United Nations Health Organization (WHO), etc.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to remove the water crisis on global practice and to provide clean drinking water to all by the coming year 2030.

Water is the need of every person and obviously we all drink water, but if water is consumed properly or if the way of drinking water is changed keeping in mind the health, then it gives many benefits to the body.

Let us know, how to drink water so that the body starts getting not one but many benefits from it. 

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Drink water like this to keep healthy 

A person needs to drink water to live a healthy life and to survive.

Water maintains moisture in the body and just by drinking it, a person is saved from coming in the grip of many diseases. 

warm water is beneficial 

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning keeps your stomach clean.

This also helps in reducing weight.

If warm water is drunk every morning on an empty stomach before eating anything, it removes all kinds of toxins from the body.

This not only keeps the stomach clean, but also keeps away digestive problems and also shows a better effect on the skin. 

Constipation goes away 

If you are one of those people who are troubled by constipation every day, then drinking lukewarm water will be beneficial for your health.

Along with cleaning the stomach, drinking lukewarm water helps in smooth bowel movement. 

body absorbs water 

According to Ayurveda, the body takes time to absorb different types of water.

The body can absorb cold water in about 6 hours, while it takes half the time for the body to digest hot water.

drink like this to lose weight 

People suffering from obesity can make a habit of drinking lukewarm water for weight loss and to stay fit.

The best way to drink this water is that whenever you eat something, take hot water after 20 minutes or maximum after an hour.

This will help you in reducing weight and its effect will be visible fast on the body. 

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