The department store continues to renovate its appearance, and cooperates with trendy fashion artists to create a space atmosphere full of artistic atmosphere and design sense for the mall, so that consumers can easily experience the beauty of diverse arts and cultures while shopping!

This spring, Beyond Square has the theme of "Spring Dance and Romance", inviting textile artist "Eric Liao" and illustrator "Stranger Studio-A Nai" to exhibit different types of artistic creations in the mall, bringing customers a wonderful experience. A colorful visual feast.

Artist Anai will exhibit "The Reason Why Girls Are Girls" at the store B1 Aesthetic Tunnel from now until 4/26.

Eric Liao uses composite fiber media to create a garden illusion. Inspired by spring camellia, hollyhock, campanula and other flowers, he uses feathers, gauze, beads and other materials to show the different postures of various flowers. Soft fiber materials combined with colorful The visual presentation brings the vibrant spring atmosphere into the shopping mall.

The artist Anai will exhibit the creation exhibition of "Girls Are Girls" at B1 Aesthetics Tunnel from now on. He uses "Girls" as inspiration, and displays the appearance of girls in different stages of the famous Japanese "Lolita Style". The exhibition consists of Pink World is the main axis, using the "rose color" of spring to turn girls into spring budding flowers, silently blooming their own beauty.

Eric Liao uses composite fiber media to create colorful garden installations.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi invited well-known cross-domain artist Abei Liu for the first time this spring to design a large-scale installation art with Hua Hua in his well-known series MASK FAM as the protagonist. In addition to the original red work "Hua Hua", Abei specially created for Shin Kong Mitsukoshi The two orange and yellow Hua Hua are made of inflatable materials compared to the previous large-scale installations. This is the first time to challenge materials that have never been touched before and create a large-scale three-dimensional installation with a height of nearly 4 meters, so that Hua Hua can naturally reflect the surroundings Pure shine.

The large-scale installation of artist Abei's well-known character Hua Hua entered the department store for the first time.

Taipei Xinyi Xintiandi A4 installation art Hua Hua team team gathering.

In addition, the "Sichuan Liu Film Festival and Young Director Short Film Contest" exclusively held by Beyond Plaza Department Store is officially entering its third session, and it is expected that the call for entries will begin in mid-April; Exceeding the previous up to 450,000, the "Youth Student Award" was added to encourage student directors, so as to attract more student groups and young video creators to submit entries.

Taipei Xinyi Xintiandi A9 and

Taichung Zhonggang store exhibited the work "Let's Grow Together!" in turn.

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