[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Yu Meiren sold a 144 million mansion last year. Yesterday it was reported that she intends to defect to the People's Party and run for the 2024 Legislative Council. She also responded to this interview.

Non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan hosted the "Great Citizens Support Shanshan" rally on November 20 last year, and the mysterious guest Yu Meiren (second from right) gave a passionate speech.

(File photo, photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

According to a report from Sanli TV, it was reported that Yu Meiren had already negotiated with the People's Party. Since the constituency was challenging, she would become an assassin. During the phone call, she said that she was thinking carefully and did not say anything dead.

Yesterday, when she was summoned to interview her about the election of the legislator, she only said "no" in a low-key manner.

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In fact, the DPP had recruited too many beauties in the past, so they went to Tainan to apply for a visa. Unexpectedly, the luck of the visa showed that her official career was not good that year, so she gave up the election.

However, she has never stopped interacting with the political circle, and last year she even supported Huang Shanshan.

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