When listening to the song 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga', RD Burman started abusing Kumar Sanu.

New Delhi:

Kumar Sanu is one of the veteran singers of Bollywood.

He has given many great and superhit songs in the 90s, which are still loved by music lovers.

Kumar Sanu has worked with many artists of the Hindi music industry.

One of them is veteran music composer RD Burman.

RD Burman has given music in many great songs.

The surprising thing is that he used to abuse the singer whose work he was happy with.

Once RD Burman had abused Kumar Sanu too. 

Kumar Sanu recently gave an interview to the English website Indian Express.

In this interview, he talked a lot about his career.

Kumar Sanu told that when he sang his superhit song 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga' (film 1942: Ek Love Story), RD Burman was very happy and he abused Kumar Sanu fiercely in happiness.

Singer said, 'Pancham da (RD Burman, in his last film) came to the singing room and told me that look there is a lot of 'like' word in this song.

Like a blooming rose, like a poet's dream, like a bright ray, like a deer in a forest...' There were many 'Jai' in the same face. 

Singer further said, 'He told me that Sanu, I want every mention of 'Jaisa' to be different from each other.

Their voices should not be the same.

He told me that if I can sing each 'Jaisa' specifically, then my song is a hit!

Every time the word appeared I tried to sing it in different ways and the song became a hit!

Pancham da's thinking was very good.

He was a visionary.

It was a very creative way of knowing how you want to give a different sound to a song. 

Singer finished his talk and said, 'When the recording was done, he hugged me, kissed my forehead and started abusing me.

So if he liked something, how the recording went, he used to abuse a lot if he liked it.

He used to abuse everyone's parents.

When I didn't know it initially, I asked someone next to me why was he abusing me?

Then he told me the reason.

Apart from this, Kumar Samu has done many other things.