Xu Jiarong (right)'s 14-year marriage hit the rocks.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] It was revealed that Xu Jiarong has "hoarding syndrome", likes to pile up debris, married for 14 years, the marriage hit the rocks, the relationship between the husband and wife seems to be inseparable, the wealthy husband Li Yuankai even sent a lawyer's letter requesting a divorce, rumored that his father-in-law said things to the outside world It's not that serious, Yanjuan still loves his daughter-in-law Xu Jiarong, and Xu Jiarong's friend Chen Xiaozhi opened up about it.

Chen Xiaozhi said sadly: "Because Jiarong is not a hoarder and her husband wants to divorce. It is reported that her husband is going to divorce because of her hoarding disorder... Please, they have problems 6 years ago!" As for what went wrong , Chen Xiaozhi said, "I can't say now, Jia Rong is really pitiful."

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