[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] This year’s World Baseball Classic is organized by the organizer “Treat Sports Marketing”. Many actions caused dissatisfaction among fans. The director of Threat Gao Weikai posted many times on Facebook and scolded fans as wild dogs on the side of the road In this regard, the Internet celebrity Tainan Josh posted a video in Miami and posted a sentence to the director of Titan, bluntly saying, "Who doesn't start as a fan for a day", and there are guts who say they are not worried about losing cooperation opportunities.

Josh in Tainan made a video to respond to the director of Tough Creation angrily denouncing the fans' post.

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Tainan Josh said that he expressed his opinion on behalf of his fan status. Regarding Gao Weikai's post, he said, "It's been a long time since I've been looked down upon by people. I can even shout a few words when I meet a wild dog on the roadside. One day the fans bombed and the one day the media followed suit. , can you not be black?" Tainan Josh said that the above statement is very bad, and many people who discuss Titan are long-time fans, and all of them are labeled as one-day fans.

In addition, he also thinks that the one-day media is "very good", which means that there is a lot of attention; as for one-day fans, he said, "What's wrong, can one-day fans not express their views on this incident? One-day fans are also fans, who is not?" It started as a day-to-day fan." Day-to-day fans also watch the game, and some even enter the arena. Why can't they express their opinions on the game, schedule, and peripheral products?


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Regarding Gao Weikai’s sour post, “I thought I had a blue tick, and everything I said would be magnified.” Tainan Josh said that when you post anything on Facebook, you can’t blame others for amplifying your remarks, because it is a public platform. In addition, being the director of Hanchuang, the nature of the representative is quite large, so it is not right to say that it has been over-interpreted and magnified, and it will be discussed by others.”

Tainan Josh said that the match schedule and the Taiwan team’s loss are not necessarily linked together. There are many things to discuss about the loss, including the coach’s scheduling. Some players performed abnormally. The purpose of discussing the match is not to blame the Taiwan team for losing. The loss and the match schedule are two separate things.

Hanchuang’s argument is not to blame the Taiwan team’s loss on the schedule. Tainan Josh thinks it is not the blame on the schedule, but it is a bit strange to discuss the schedule. The schedule gap with other host countries is a bit big. I want to know why?

For example, Japan is also a landlord country, and its schedule is better than that of Taiwan. Taiwan is a landlord country, and it seems to be worse than the Netherlands. What is the reason?

Of course, everyone knows that the Taiwan team is not as good as others, but they still want to discuss why the schedule is like this.

Tainan Josh emphasized that everyone can't really afford to lose. Maybe some fans blame the loss, but many people really just want to discuss why the schedule is arranged like this.

Regarding Gao Weikai’s claim that lawyers were reading messages and would go to find someone, Josh in Tainan said, “Before, I didn’t say that Hanchuang would accept it in a general way, but later he said that lawyers would read messages. Whether it will affect the mutual cooperation, Tainan Josh said frankly, "It should be possible", but it will be. Anyway, he relies on netizens for food and clothing to make videos.

The release of the video caused a large number of netizens to comment, "I've been waiting all day, just waiting for this big scene", "Whoever started as a fan for a day, this sentence is too fierce, a logical genius", "It's really comfortable to listen to Josh talk about things", "Just waiting for the national teacher to grasp the whole article and reply sentence by sentence (choking), this wave is so refreshing, barking", "Josh's sourness is sour, he is a well-organized high-level sour", "Objective and rational, I really admire the national teacher", "Josh is a brave man who dares to speak up."

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