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Pianist Evgeni Genchev has passed the beauty Boryana Lekova from Pernik over his bed, according to the kitchen of the show "The Bachelor", writes "Weekend".

This happened during the filming of the show.

Of course, the cameras did not capture the details of their intimate experiences, but the long-legged brunette boasted that they went all the way with the musician.

Evgeni had the right to invite some of the contenders to his villa, and he chose Boryana.

That he is attracted to her is also evident in one of the last episodes, when they were pushing each other in the garden of the mansion.

 Their attraction was only on a physical level, sources say.

"Charismatic, intelligent, emotional", with these words Boryana described the virtuoso musician.

She adds that she felt great during her participation in the show.

Evgeni managed to predispose her because he had a special relationship with her. 

"This in the greatest adventure of my life - an emotion that is difficult for me to describe in words.

Everything became a joke - I wanted to challenge myself, to get out of my comfort zone.

I needed to experience something different and shocking.

Almost all the time I had a terrible worry about the cameras, at the beginning it was most noticeable," commented Lekova on the social network.