This Pakistani actress supported the film Pathan, MP got angry

New Delhi:

Shah Rukh Khan's Pathan is the highest grossing film of Bollywood this year.

This film has been liked a lot not only in India but all over the world.

In many countries, Shahrukh Khan's acting and his character are also being highly praised.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's famous actress Mahira Khan had to face misbehavior by her country's MP for supporting Shahrukh Khan and Pakistani politician Imran Khan.

This MP is Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan. 

Actually Mahira Khan recently reached a show hosted by Anwar Masood in Karachi.

During this, Anwar Masood asked the actress a question related to the political party of Pakistan, whom she supports.

Without taking the name of Imran Khan on this, Mahira Khan has supported Imran Khan by taking the name of Shahrukh Khan's Pathan.

After which MP Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan has scolded him on Twitter. 

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Host Anwar Masood asked Mahira Khan that now 2-3 political groups are running, so on whose side are you?

On this the Pakistani actress kept quiet for a while and then she said, 'Recently a film has come, Pathan.

I am on the side of Pathan.

In this way the actress supported Shah Rukh Khan and Imran Khan.

After which MP Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan got angry. 

Mahira Khan has a mental health problem and Anur Maqsood is intoxicated with alcohol in this part of life. Both shameless characters are cursed by the public. Books can be written on Mahira Khan's character, she also flatters Indian actors for money. Hayawar Anwar Maqsood is a cursed character full of prejudice

– Senator Dr.

Afnan Ullah Khan (@afnanullahkh) March 20, 2023

After Mahira Khan's statement, he wrote in Urdu on his official Twitter account, 'Mahira Khan has a mental problem and Anwar Maqsood has started taking drugs in this part of his life.

Both these shameless characters are getting blessings from the public.

A book can even be written on Mahira Khan.

Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan has claimed in his tweet that Mahira flatters Indian artists for money.

His tweet is going viral on social media.

Many people are trolling Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan.