The spring is warm and the flowers are beautiful. In recent years, "Guting Riverside Park", which has become the most beautiful flower viewing place in Taipei City, has ushered in two waves of dreamy and fragrant flowers!

In the Drunken Butterfly Flower Sea on the Hakka Cross-Elevation Platform, as many as 30,000 white and pink Drunken Butterflies are blooming one after another. The gradual purple tapestry in Provence and Furano, Hokkaido - Petunia is currently in full bloom in Guting Riverside Park. It is estimated that the best viewing period will be at the end of March, so hurry up and check in for the flowering period!

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The largest rose garden in Taiwan, with 2,000 pots of hydrangea blooming

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The Beishi Water Conservancy Department is located in the plaza below the Hakka cross-embankment platform by the Guting River. There are as many as 33,725 white and pink chrysanthemums mixed and matched to form a romantic scene. In a circular way, the flower sea space is designed, so that the beautiful scenery can be 360 ​​degrees without dead ends.

The Department of Water Conservancy pointed out that Drunken Butterfly is also known as spider flower. The flowers have a light fragrance, which has the function of attracting butterflies, and the planting height is high. In addition to the unique concentric circle landscaping, it is like being in a maze of flowers when you take a photo. From now on The flower viewing period is from mid-May.

Starting from the Sea of ​​Drunken Butterfly Flowers, walk about 300 meters towards the Guting Riverside Basketball Court. There is also a sea of ​​petunia flowers made of purple pink and deep purple. The sea of ​​flowers seems to be in a foreign country, and the fragrance of flowers makes tourists who walk or ride bicycles more relaxed and happy. The Water Conservancy Department predicts that the flowers will bloom until the end of March, so you might as well take advantage of the good weather to start enjoying the flowers.


Take bus

No. 253, 673, 943, or Brown 12, get off at the "Taipei Hakka Cultural Theme Park" stop, walk along the third section of Tingzhou Road to the intersection of the Normal University, and board the "cross-embankment bicycle lane" next to the Hakka Cultural Center Viewing platform” Enter Guting Riverside Park, walk down the viewing platform of the cross-dike bicycle path and walk to the left, and you can see the sea of ​​drunken butterflies on the Guting Riverside.


Songshan-Xindian Line "Taipower Building Station" Exit 5, walk along "Shida Road" towards the Hakka Culture Theme Park for about 5 minutes, board the "cross-embankment bicycle path viewing platform" next to the Hakka Culture Center and enter In Guting Riverside Park, after walking down the viewing platform of the cross-embankment bicycle path, you can walk in the direction on the left hand side, and you can see the sea of ​​drunken butterflies by the Guting Riverside.


(1) Bicycle rental station: Jingfu Station

(2) Youbike 2.0: MRT Taipower Building (Exit 5) Station, MRT Taipower Building (Exit 4) Station, MRT Taipower Building (Exit 2) ) Station, Hakka Culture Theme Park Station, Jizhou Nunnery Station, Shuiyuan intersection of Normal University, Hedi Elementary School, and Mr. Wang Guanying Memorial Library.

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