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In the past few years, many people will post photos of the "pollen halo" they have taken on Twitter, and even more advanced will look for the "pollen halo" that appears together under various beautiful scenery. What exactly is a "pollen halo" Woolen cloth?

What is causing this phenomenon?

In fact, just seeing the name, everyone should immediately think that it should be related to pollen, but what is the halo?

In this article, I will briefly introduce the reasons for the formation of the pollen halo, and let everyone take a look at the amazing photos taken by everyone on Twitter!

Causes of pollen halo formation

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Although the pollen in spring has brought great troubles to many people with pollen allergies, the "pollen halo" formed by the scattering of a large amount of pollen has also become another beautiful scenery in spring.

The principle of the "pollen halo" is that sunlight shines on the "pollen grains" and refracts and interferes to form apertures of different colors.

The characteristic is that you can see several rings of rainbow-colored halos around the sun. When the amount of pollen in the air is greater, the halos formed will be more visible.

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Best Time to Watch the Pollen Halo

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Since it is related to the amount of pollen, the "pollen halo" phenomenon can be seen more clearly on days or areas with more pollen.

In recent years, because Japanese people often suffer from pollen, Japan's weathernews has also developed and installed a pollen observation machine, and provides pollen conditions in various parts of Japan for your reference.

If you want to take pictures of the beautiful "pollen halo", you may wish to go to weathernew to watch the daily real-time forecast and actual observation as a reference.

■ weathernews pollen forecast

Next, I will sort out some photos of beautiful pollen halos taken by everyone on Twitter to provide everyone with inspiration for shooting.

Pollen Halo:

 Empty を Dance う Pollen Particles が Light を Turn Back し て 生じる Photo の ような Rainbow Color の环です.

Pollen halo が见られるのは大気中にSphericalに近いPollen particlesが装装している证拠.

Street lamp や building thing desun wo 隠 す と naked eye で も 见え て て ス マ ホ で れ れ る そ う です.

ただし、摄影の世は实密に阳光をLook directly at しないようAttention してください.


— うすろく(@usrok29) March 11, 2023

Although shooting the sun directly is definitely the most beautiful, but be careful not to look directly at the sun to avoid eye injuries!

Today, もお惊れさまでした

pollen halo クッキリナ太婚でした#空#太空#波粉霞露#キリトリセサイ#ファインダー越しの私の世界 pic.twitter.com/1u9mcbKrz5

— Omo (@OmoSally6047) March 7, 2023

After seeing these beautiful photos, are you also eager to try?

If you are traveling to Japan during the cherry blossom viewing season, you might as well give it a try.

Open the observation page every day, and pay attention to the pollen observation and forecast. If you happen to encounter a large amount of pollen, look up at the sun in the sky, and maybe you can take a miraculous photo that is unique to you!


The previous photoshoot したパールFujimaeの満月のPollen Haloです.

见る分には Fantasy ですがHay Fever Diseaseの人は鼻がムズムズするでしょうね#Fuji Mountain#満月#霜粉露环 pic.twitter.com/HHrBuP10Zy

— minamigaoka (@minamigaoka1107) March 11, 2023

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