Chen Shanni (left) and Du Yijin at the press conference of "Listen to who is singing - AI future singers have arrived".

(Photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] "Golden Song Queen" Chen Shanni released a new song "Teach Me How to Be Your Lover" on White Valentine's Day. It has been on the line for a week and received constant praise. Today she revealed that the original singer was not her, but she trained AI to sing , besides being very happy not to be heard, she also plans to apply for the Golden Melody Award.

Speaking of the opportunity to use AI to create new songs, Chen Shanni said that she had already assisted Taiwan AI Labs in tuning the singing voices generated by AI from the perspective of an online musician. At first, these vocals did not breathe and sounded fake, but She feels that there should be an "emotional side" such as priorities and pauses.

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Chen Shanni uses AI to create new songs.

(Photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

Later, Shuangfang decided to make a work that could be put on the shelves for everyone to judge. The sound source of this song came from her singing voice. She personally directed AI to sing and produce it. As for the singer or AI singing a song, which one is cheaper?

Chen Shanni said, "It will become cheaper and cheaper to sing with a well-trained (AI)." From her practical experience, when producing at home, there is no need for a recording studio, and it is also possible for the AI ​​to sing at 4:1 in the morning. Sing straight.

She laughed and said that she originally planned to sing a line in this song secretly, so that everyone could guess which line was sung by her. As for AI works in the future, can they apply for the Golden Melody Award?

She also admitted that she has this plan, "Let the judges face a choice." If someone thinks it is unfair, then it is even more necessary to raise this issue. "This is a problem that needs to be considered and resolved in the future."

Du Yijin.

(Photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

Through technology, she now has her own AI singing model. She said with a smile: "I can release another 70 albums, and I can also sing with singers who will be 60 years later." As for the name of the new song "Teach Me How to Be Your Lover" , A few days ago, she was exposed by the media that she had a male companion to accompany her shopping. Regarding this, she laughed and said that the video of someone stealing something was just seen before, but it turned out to be an AI-generated monitor screen, which made her feel terrible. letter, she also asked, "Are you sure it's me?"

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