[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] South Korean boy group OMEGA X broke out in October last year that it was treated with verbal and physical violence by the representative of the brokerage company surnamed Jiang, and was forced to accept sexual harassment behaviors such as accompanying drinks, touching thighs, and breathing on the face for a longer period of time. Fortunately, it went through a low tide later, and the group leader Kim Jae-han and "Maknae" Shin Ye-chan co-starred in the BL Korean drama "Love Arrow Piercing the Heart", challenging the standards of Korean dramas.

Kim Jae-han (left) and Shin Ye-chan starred in "Love Arrow Piercing the Heart", and the two staged a BL ambiguous relationship.

(courtesy of GagaOOLala)

As soon as "Arrow Piercing the Heart" was aired, the plot was full of climaxes. On the first day of school, the two people who disliked each other almost had a "missionary body checkup" on the bed in the health room. Shen Yechan encouraged Kim Jaehan to say The point of view of "sex without love" made classmates and teachers dumbfounded.

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Kim Jae-han was selected for the second season of the show "Produce101" and debuted as a Spectrum group the following year. He is also a singer, actor, music producer and other multiple identities; The 4th place debuted with excellent results, and served as the music leader of the men's group 1THE9.

In the play, the two don't know each other, from playing pranks, winking, touching ears, to feeding each other sausages on campus, without any shyness; "Arrow Piercing Heart" at GagaOOLala, every Tuesday and Wednesday night At 23:00, it will be broadcast with zero time difference with South Korea.

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