Chen Peiqi (from left), Wang Zhenfu, and Miao Keli went to Taichung Lihpao Motorsports to attend the press conference for the casting of "Tiandao".

(provided by Sanli)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Chen Peiqi went to Taichung Lihpao Circuit today (22nd) to attend the press conference for the release of the cast of "The Way of Heaven" at the 8 o'clock stage of Sanli. She used to be paired with Xie Chengjun, and this time her husband is Wang Zhenfu. I couldn't help laughing and shouting: "New product! I'm so happy that I finally changed people. I can't always have those kinds of dishes. Sometimes I still have to eat some other flavors. I am very satisfied." Wang Zhenfu shouted: "Thank you Tianhou."

Chen Peiqi knocked on the bowl to the producer on the spot, "Can I change to some fresh meat next time?" She revealed that now she likes actors who are all under 30 years old. It’s okay for Xiao Xianrou to act as a sister and younger brother.” Does that mean that the character will not be consistent emotionally?

Chen Peiqi laughed and said, "Have you seen my character stick to the end?"

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Xie Chengjun also performed "The Way of Heaven", will the two have a chance to pair up?

Chen Peiqi hinted: "Please look forward to it. It's hard to say. Let's see how the audience reacts. Now (the script) is being written and broadcast." She asked the audience not to knock the bowl too seriously, "I have many other thoughts. Going to try it out."

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