The horse was feeding its food to the hungry pigeons

Sharing food while eating is an act that indicates kindness and care for other beings.

Now in a video that is going viral online, a horse is seen which has melted people's hearts as he is seen sharing his breakfast with some pigeons around him.

The clip, shared by Twitter user TheFigen, who often posts interesting videos, shows the horse taking grain out of its basket and spilling the grain, while pigeons flock around it and quickly pick up their share.

As they enjoy the grain, the horse is seen giving them more, and the cart is stopped in the middle of the road.

Watch Video:

Awwww I want to cry!

How beautiful moment!


— The Figen (@TheFigen_) March 19, 2023

Feigen captioned the clip, "Awwww I want to cry! What a beautiful moment!" The clip was first shared by user Jay Thomas on March 18 and has been viewed over 2 million times on Twitter.

Many users were impressed by the work of taking care of horses.

One user commented, "That's what I love about animals, they will surprise us beautifully."

Another user wrote, “Ghoda probably sees these pigeons every day at work.

So, maybe they are friends.

Pulling those heavy vehicles is not an easy task.

I hope the horse will be well taken care of.

A third user wrote, "Love extends to understanding the needs of others and helping within your limits, thanks for sharing."

Recently, a man from Maharashtra received praise online for making a bird feeder that can hold 700 kg of grains and feed 108 birds at once.

Haresh Shah of Peepal village also created a Guinness World Record for making the "world's largest bird feeder".

The bird feeder was made from recyclable materials.