The World Baseball Classic (2023 World Baseball Classic) championship and runner-up competition debuted this morning. Tiffany took the lead in exposing this year’s championship trophy last night (21). It is made of sterling silver with a real-sized baseball on it. The outer box is classic Tiffany blue , It makes people look forward to which team will win the championship and win the trophy.

The World Baseball Classic officially kicked off at 7:00 this morning, with the United States and Japan competing for the championship and runner-up.

This championship and runner-up match can be exciting, especially yesterday in the semi-finals due to Munetaka Murakami's farewell double hit to stage a dramatic reversal, and whether the Japanese two-sword star Shohei Otani will play or not will make the championship match more likely. look at sex.

Shohei Otani will also compete against Mike Trout, who is also on the Angels team, in the championship game, which is also another highlight.

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Otani Shohei.

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Before the championship game, Tiffany first exposed the Champions Cup of this classic game on the official instagram. It is made of sterling silver. The sterling silver baseball with a real big ball on it is very eye-catching, and 24K gold is used as a curved line. , handcrafted by Tiffany professional craftsmen for 4.5 months, with a height of about 60 cm, perfectly packed in the exclusive Tiffany blue box.

The whole world is looking forward to which team will win the Champions Cup created by Tiffany for the classic today.

Tiffany is the first to expose this year's WBC official trophy before the classic championship and runner-up battle, which is handcrafted in sterling silver.

The Champions Cup has an exclusive Tiffany blue box.

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