Cui Haoran had black hair and a normal figure when he acted in "Sentimental City" before.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Internet celebrity "Pineapple" Wu Hongyi recently posted on Facebook that the album "Jiatou" starring Wang Shixian was filmed in Chiayi. He went to the set to help out and posted many photos with the actors. The photo of Zhang and 69-year-old senior student Cui Haoran sparked reposting and discussion among netizens. The 69-year-old Cui Haoran was gray-haired and thin like a piece of paper.

Fengli posted an article because "Jiaotou" was filmed in Chiayi, he did his best to help out as a landlord, distributed lunch boxes, and gave away drinks. Gao Jie, Huang Tenghui, Cui Haoran and other main actors took a group photo. Since Cui Haoran performed "Sentimental City" in 2019, he has not appeared on the screen for 4 years.

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Cui Haoran (left) took a photo with Fengli. In the photo, the person is exaggeratedly thin and has white hair all over his head.

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Cui Haoran’s fan page also posted a photo with Fengli. When he played a profiteer at 8 o’clock 4 years ago, he had black hair. In the new photo, he has all white hair and a thin body. Fans are distressed and leave messages " Long time no see, Brother Cui", "Why are you so thin, you need to pay more attention to your body", "How did Brother Haoran lose weight recently", "Eat a little fatter", "Eat more and drink more, replenish your energy", "Handsome guy lost weight and take care" , "Brother Cui is too thin! It will look better if you eat a little fatter."

Cui Haoran revealed last year that his hair has only started to turn completely white in recent years. His wife suggested that he should not dye it any more and keep his white hair. As for his thin body, he deliberately lost 7 kg for the drama.

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