Su Zhiwei (right) traveled to Tainan, sweetly holding Liu Xiaohui in his arms.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Grasshopper ended the Little Arena concert last Saturday. Su Zhiwei immediately took his wife Liu Xiaohui to Tainan for a tour. Still ageless and beautiful.

Liu Xiaohui is a Hong Kong female singer who debuted in the 1990s. She was awarded the "PolyGram Three Little Flowers" with Li Ruien and Tang Baoru. After she married Su Zhiwei in 1997, she faded out of the show business circle and concentrated on taking care of her two daughters. This time her husband sang in Taiwan. She was also sweetly accompanied and never absent.

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Cai Yijie (right) treats Xiong Zai to Japanese food, and hopes to continue to cooperate next time.

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After the Grasshopper concert, Cai Yijie also stayed in Taiwan to get together with his friends. Last night, he specially invited the concert guest Xiong Zai to eat Japanese food. He hopes to have another chance to cooperate next time.

Xiong Zai was flattered to be invited as Grasshopper's concert guest, and said: "It is really a great honor to be able to perform with the three seniors."

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