South Korean actress Jeon Do-yan and Jeong Kyung-ho starred in "Crash Course in Romance", which achieved good ratings. She played the role of the proprietress of the buffet restaurant in the drama. She often appeared in the shape of "Azhu Ma" in a floral dress with slightly curly bangs. She has superb acting skills She perfectly interprets the image of a simple middle-aged woman, but in real life, Quan Daoyan is a frozen-age actress with well-maintained skin and glowing skin. Yesterday (21) she appeared in the new film "Killing Fushun" At the press conference, she got rid of her auntie-like curly bangs and combed her shiny Baotou in the middle, making it impossible to tell that she is 50 years old.

Quan Daoyan perfectly interprets the image of a simple single mother in "Crash Course in Romance".

Netflix's new action film "Killing Fushun" held a press conference yesterday.

(courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix's action-packed show "Killing Fushun" will be launched at the end of the month. In addition to the grand slam actress Quan Daoyan, the actor Huang Haomin and Xue Jingqiu all participated in the performance, the cast lineup is quite strong. Quan Daoyan plays the role of a killer in the play Ji Fushun, who has double identities as a single mother, is both a top killer and a mother of a daughter. Although she has a brilliant record of never missing a shot, her performance as a mother is not satisfactory. She is planning to retire after the last mission However, she discovered the hidden truth behind the mission, and accidentally attracted murderous intent for herself.

Quan Daoyan attended the event, her skin was so good that it glowed.

(Provided by Netflix)

At yesterday's press conference, Quan Daoyan wore a fitted all-black waist-cut suit jacket with black wide pants, combed her hair neatly and neatly, with long bangs hanging naturally on both sides of her forehead, looking handsome yet elegant, The skin that is so good that it glows is even more amazing!

Netflix also released individual promotional photos of each actor. Quan Daoyan appeared in an all-black look with straight black hair parted in the middle, and a short coat with a deep V on the upper half, revealing the belly skin faintly. He is handsome and fashionable. Under the atmosphere of light and shadow, the beautiful facial features are highlighted, and the image of the "old aunt" is completely ruthless.

Quan Daoyan has straight black hair parted in the middle, giving her the image of an old aunt.

(Provided by Netflix)

During the event, the director mentioned the origin of the name of the character "Fu Shun" in the play. It turned out that when he was discussing the script with Quan Daoyan, Quan Daoyan's aunt suddenly called. After seeing the name, the director thought it fit well The image of the character was adopted directly. Quan Daoyan also laughed and said that after her aunt heard the news, she also felt quite honored to be the name of the protagonist of the movie.

Quan Daoyan plays the role of Ji Fushun who is both a killer and a single mother in the play.

(Provided by Netflix)

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