[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei Report] Chinese-language films will usher in the "60th Golden Horse Awards" this year. The National Film and Audiovisual Culture Center (hereinafter referred to as the National Audiovisual Center) will hold "Landscape in the Wasteland of History: Wang Tong" in April. "Director's Retrospective Exhibition", which includes Golden Horse actresses Lu Xiaofen, Peng Chacha, Niu Chengze and others' youthful appearances 30 years ago, all of which can be revisited on the big screen.

"Director Wang Tong's Retrospective Exhibition" provides a glimpse into the appearance of veteran actors on the big screen when they were young, including Peng Chacha (middle) and "Axi" Chen Bozheng (right).

(Provided by the National Film and Television Center)

Wang Tong, who turned from art to director in the early 1980s, won the Golden Horse Award for Best Film in 1981 with his debut film "If I'm Real". Then he joined China Film Studio, and successively studied with great directors such as Li Hanxiang, Li Xing, Bai Jingrui, Chen Yaoqi, Hu Jinquan, etc., and practiced solid basic skills of film art in the past 10 years.

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After filming "The Days of Watching the Sea", Wang Tong had more feelings for the characters in Baodao, and started from the small characters of different eras to reflect the sentiments of Taiwan in different eras.

He once said: "Under the changing times, there are many discrete movies. When the separation occurs, the ripples generated by the stone being thrown become bigger and bigger, and the story is born."

Wang Tung's "Taiwan Trilogy", "Scarecrow", "Banana Paradise" and "Silent Hill" came into being. The series of works accurately portray the images of ordinary people struggling at the bottom of society and striving to maintain their personal dignity.

"Making Landscapes in the Wasteland of History: A Retrospective Exhibition of Director Wang Tong" poster.

(Provided by the National Film and Television Center)

In this retrospective exhibition, "If I'm Real" and "Bitter Love", which were adapted from scar literature in the early days, will be screened, and 9 works with historical themes will be screened. The classic modern Taiwan trilogy is indispensable, and there are also rare The Taiwanese version of "The Day to Watch the Sea", martial arts films "Riding a Horse into the Forest" and "No. 1 in the World".

In addition to the screening, filmmakers from all walks of life were invited to have a discussion with Wang Tong, including writer Huang Chunming, director Wei Desheng, film critic Tu Xiangwen, and chairman of the National Film and Television Center Lan Zuwei, inviting fans to once again review his unique style creative mind.

Making Landscapes in the Wasteland of History: A Retrospective Exhibition of Director Wang Tong

Exhibition time: 2023/04/08 (Sat) - 2023/05/14 (Sun)

Sales start time: 2023/3/22 (Wed) 12:00 TFAI members preemptively buy tickets, 3/24 (Thu) 12:00 open for full sales

Ticket purchase link: https://reurl.cc/pL3eNb

For more information, please visit the official website of the National Film and Audiovisual Culture Center https://www.tfai.org.tw/zh/

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