Oats Weight Loss Dishes: Oats can be eaten like this for weight loss. 

Weight Loss Diet:

What you eat after waking up in the morning till sleeping and what not has a huge impact on your weight.

One important thing to keep in mind for weight loss is never skipping breakfast.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

You can include oats in this.

Oats are effective in reducing weight and also give health benefits in many ways.

According to macrobiotic nutritionist Shilpa Arora, oats are rich in fiber which keeps the stomach feeling full for a long time.

Eating oats for breakfast means ensuring that you lose weight.

The fiber present in oats takes time to digest, due to which the stomach remains full for a long time and the person avoids overeating. 

Fiber removes stomach problems, you can also include these 5 fiber foods in your diet 

Oats are also rich in protein and help in building muscles as well as keeping blood sugar levels stable.

This also reduces the chances of sudden insulin spike.

You can make oats a part of your weight loss diet in many ways.

These dishes also look very tasty in breakfast. 

Oats Idli 

You can make and eat oats idli.

You don't have to do much to make idli, just grind oats along with gram and urad dal.

Make idli from this mixture and relish eating it with chutney. 

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Oats Matar Chilla 

Instead of gram flour cheela, try making cheela of oats and peas and eating it.

To make this, soak oats and grind them and mix vegetables of your choice including peas in the mixture.

Make it like a common chilla and eat it. 

Oats Porridge 

Instead of eating plain oats in a bowl, prepare and eat Oats Daliya by tempering it with vegetables.

It tastes good and you feel like eating it again and again.

You can also add ghee instead of oil for tempering. 

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