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IU recently appeared in fashion magazines, changing her sweet and pure image in the past, her makeup is aloof, and even her expression shows a domineering aura, which made fans couldn't help but praise "Sure enough, women in love are the most beautiful".

As the global spokesperson of GUCCI, IU was invited by a Korean fashion magazine to shoot a new fashion blockbuster. She put on several sets of new GUCCI 2023 spring and summer series in a row, from suits to actress skirts, all perfectly controlled, and the most admired by fans is IU The makeup looks in the past have always been sweet and temperamental, but this time the photos are all changed to the high-cold one, which has won praise from netizens.

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(reposted from instagram)

IU was invited to shoot a new fashion blockbuster, which is different from the previous high-cold makeup, which is refreshing.

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It is most obvious that IU’s eye makeup in the photo has a smoky effect, and the fair base makeup hardly shows any blush, which is the key detail that makes her look extraordinarily cold, especially when she is wearing trousers and showing her legs in front of the camera. Fans are so manly, beautiful and handsome that fans can't help but praise: "Our IU is beautiful in every way", "Sure enough, women in love are the most beautiful", "IU is the tallest".

The shape of this suit, the generous legs in front of the camera, and the handsome and beautiful posture have won the praise of fans.

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