Alessandra arrived at the Fashion Trust US Awards held at Goya Studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Fashion Trust US is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding, funding and developing young design talent to help them turn their label into a thriving global brand. 

Alessandra Ambrosio / Photo: Associated Press

The model took to the runway in a black dress with an American armhole and a bare back by Michael Kors.

The outfit had a gold collar, Ambrosio completed the look with two wide bracelets on the wrist and black platform sandals.

Alessandra Ambrosio / Photo: Associated Press

Alessandra put her hair up in a high hairstyle and did a beautiful evening make-up.

Also, several small gold earrings sparkled in her ears.

Note that model Heidi Klum also attended the ceremony.

She arrived in a metallic Kate Barton dress and carrying a goldfish tank bag.

Heidi Klum / Photo: Associated Press

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