"Fresh meat anchor" Huang Jiawei blew himself up and hadn't been taken out for a long time.

(Reposted from Huang Jiawei's Facebook page)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] In addition to broadcasting news, Huang Jiawei, the "Fresh Meat Anchor" of Sanli News, is also doing overseas interviews for the signature program "The Lost Border". A little-known secret.

Huang Jiawei revealed that for the program, he often went abroad for interviews, and often stayed for several weeks. After returning to China, he realized the most: "I was surprised that I hadn't been taken out of Taiwan for a long time." As for why he was not "taken out"?

He laughed and said, it's an outfield connection!

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Not long ago, he went to the Amazon River in South America for an interview.

(Reposted from Huang Jiawei's Facebook page)

Recently, Huang Jiawei arranges an outdoor weather connection every Friday. When he arrives at the scene, the interviewees will exclaim when they see him: "I am more handsome." Huang Jiawei joked that even if the other party is polite, he will always "believe it".

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