Zeng Zhihao (right) and his girlfriend Meggy are in love.

(Photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Zeng Zhihao, the 37-year-old son of the late artist He Yihang, attended the "Love Inheritance and Care Concert" held by the Taiwan Quality Life Association yesterday. Participating in the first generation of black and astringent club crushes, at the same time as Da Ya, the two belong to Song Damin's "Star of Arts" church, counting this relationship, Song Damin also has merit, they just met at the wedding of "Stacy" Zhou Youling last year, and fell in love after that , Zeng Zhihao is depositing 1 million wedding funds, is expected to register next year, and will move to Linkou next month.

Zeng Zhihao (right) and Meggy have agreed to get married.

(Photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

In November last year, Zeng Zhihao was unfortunately involved in a car accident. He almost ran over his head. He was knocked to the ground and sprayed blood. He was hit by a concussion. Zeng Zhihao revealed that during the continuous follow-up, sometimes he would suddenly have a nosebleed, which made him a little worried. The doctor It was also discovered that he has a curved nasal septum. In addition, because He Yihang had a serious heart disease before his death, Zeng Zhihao will also go for a heart check, hoping to take good care of his health before marriage.

At present, he is also singing in 2 restaurants, trying to save the wedding fund, expressing that he hopes to save the money by his own strength, and will not reach out to his family for money.

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