[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Black Adam", starring Dwayne Johnson, was released last year with a strong claim that "it will change the power level of the DC universe", and even tried to bury the foreshadowing of the battle with Superman in the end of the film, but the box office did not perform well.

And recently due to the new work of DC Universe "Shazam!

Wrath of the Gods was released, and Dwayne Johnson was also revealed to have deliberately downplayed the relationship between "Black Adam" and "Shazam", all because he took himself too seriously.

Dwayne Johnson's "Black Adam" did not perform well last year.

(Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

According to foreign media "TheWrap" reports, people familiar with the matter revealed that Dwayne Johnson privately vetoed Shazam's final scene where he was recruited by "Hawkman" who appeared in "Black Adam" to become a member of the "Justice Society" (usually misused). as the ending "Easter egg").

Anonymous said: "Dwayne Johnson tries to prioritize marketing himself over movies, and he is one of the few people who is used to putting himself first in any situation."

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The news pointed out that on the eve of the release of "Black Adam", Dwayne Johnson tried his best to promote the confrontation between Black Adam and Superman in the future, but at that time, DC film director Hamada Walter did not approve Henry Cavill's guest appearance, but Dwayne Johnson skipped him directly. And to the "Warner Brothers" film directors Michael DeLuca and Pamela Abdi to get permission, "Compared with making a movie, he wants to expand his personal brand and create a brand centered on him." Even the Jushi PO article "The power level in the DC universe is about to change." is actually implying that Black Adam will become the new core of this universe.

"Shazam: Wrath of the Gods" would have had more connections with "Black Adam".

(Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Peter Safran, the current co-president of DC Films, is also the producer of "Shazam". After Dwayne Johnson refused to let Shazam guest star in "Black Adam", he had to put this similar plot in "Shazam!"

The end credits of Wrath of the Gods.

Another industry insider also said that Dwayne Johnson's refusal to interact with other established characters "systematically weakened both series and hurt DC in the process."

As an actor and producer, Dwayne Johnson is also a box office superstar. His actions are more often to show that a star is fighting for the right to speak and fame for himself, but at the same time, intentionally or unintentionally, it has caused further weakening of the brand. Especially after the poor performance of "Black Adam", he publicly emphasized that the film did not lose money but made a profit. Even comparing the first episode of "Captain America", he was accused of unwillingness to recognize the reality.

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