Chen Youxin celebrates her 40th birthday today, and happily posted a sweet picture of a family of three together.

(Reposted from Chen Youxin's Facebook page)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Actress Chen Youxin (formerly known as Chen Lingxuan) successfully gave birth to her daughter on August 23 last year and was upgraded to a mother. Today (22) Long Tail celebrates her birthday, and her life officially entered 40. It made her feel very deep.

In 2019, Chen Youxin was married to Lin Yangchao, chief physician of the Hepatobiliary Department of the United Hospital, and became the envied "doctor's wife". Relatives and friends who sent congratulatory gifts and messages of blessings feel everyone’s care, and I want to treat you better and be moved.”

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Saying goodbye to the 3 prefix in life, entering a woman 40 a flower, Chen Yuxin actually made a big oolong, because her head went blank when she blew out the candles and made a wish, and finally recovered and said happily: "Marriage and having children are my big wishes in life. Others Most of what I want has been achieved, and I have everything I should have in life.” In the end, I didn’t forget to thank my husband quickly, and it became her wishing well.

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