Suri Cruise, the daughter of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes, will turn 17 next month. According to foreign media reports, Shuli is currently applying for college. She has been interested in fashion since she was a child, and she is about to apply to a university in New York to study fashion with all her strength.

Shu Li's appearance combines the advantages of her father and mother, with profound features and ethereal temperament. Her slender figure is the same as that of her mother. She is only 16 years old and already about the same height as her mother. However, Cruise has not participated in her growth in recent years. According to foreign media reports, after Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced in 2012, Shu Li lived with her mother. At first, Cruise would regularly visit her daughter, but the frequency decreased significantly later. According to friends, Cruise has been there for more than 10 years. It was unbelievable not to see my daughter.

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Shu Li was very clingy to her father when she was a child.


Even if the father and daughter are alienated, according to the divorce agreement at the time, Cruise must pay Katie Holmes US$400,000 (approximately NT$12 million) a year until Shu Li is 18 years old. In addition, including Shu Li's Cruise also has to pay for medical, dental, insurance, education, college and other extracurricular expenses. Friends said that when it comes to the expenses of his ex-wife and daughter, Cruise has always kept his promises. He has been responsible to the mother and daughter over the years. bear the greatest responsibility.

Katie Holmes (left) is raising her daughter alone after her divorce. 

Shu Li will be 17 years old on April 18. She will go to New York to study fashion. Katie Holmes once said in an interview with "ELLE" magazine that Shu Li has a lot of opinions on dressing when she is only 4 years old, and she often criticizes her mother Katie Holmes said proudly: "She has a pair of good eyes!" Now that Shu Rui is about to concentrate on studying fashion, she is optimistic, and she is also Said that her daughter is a determined person, as long as she wants to do it, she will definitely do her best.

Shuli (left) is as slender as her mother.

Shuli is going to New York to study fashion.

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